RM and JIN Claimed to Have Total Opposite Everyday Life Perspectives



Photo from Online Community

Photo from Online Community

"I've never met someone total opposite of me."

And how they formed a great team like now!

RM and JIN talked about their difference in propensity during an interview with one magazine.

RM said, "JIN and I grew up with the alike family background but our families educated us differently. My parents were inclined to take actions toward goals and always said: "You should success no matter what." And that affected me in having strong ambitions.

Whereas, JIN said something very opposite to RM "I never thought success is meaningful if I had to steel elbow people in my surroundings. I would be happier if I can enjoy my life. I and RM clearly had a different point of views in our lives."

These two who possess totally different perspectives are in the same boat. One day, RM called out JIN who joined the group at the very last to give him the advice to be more passionate and responsible for the group.

JIN reminisced the time "I was pretty serious about becoming a singer and joining a team in my own way. But I believe RM had higher expectations and determination. I started to think he is really serious about this career, and that woke me up."

JIN added, RM during that time even paid for the coffee, saying "I will pay for the coffee because I called you out". And this happened when RM was a high school student and JIN was a university student.

JIN said, "I called out RM once. In the middle of the night after a lesson, we sat in front of our apartment entrance and talked about 3 hours."

RM said, "JIN goes after 'being together, getting along well' motto but what I think is I could be liberated in a certain boundary unless I do not go over the line and cause a nuisance. Since we are so different, we bumped into each other and quarreled time to time. However, as we started to respect each other and told to get along, the hard feelings between us gradually faded.

By Grace and Jaeyeon Ryu voomvoomk@gmail.com