What's Next for BTS? @BBMAs Back Stage Interview


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Image from Youtube screenshot

Image from Youtube screenshot

What is next for BTS?

Seems like BTS's fateful encounter with Halsey was two years ago

This award-winning, sensational K-pop boy group seems to be reaching a new pinnacle with every step. Every move they make is another gold mine. Their most recently released album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA brought them the honor of winning the Top Social Artist and the Top Duo/Group Award.

BTS is also the first artist to list three of their songs as number one on the Billboard 200 since the legendary BEATLES. Thanks to BTS, K-pop isn't just a marginalized music genre anymore, it's dictating the current of the mainstream music. Despite their impressive achievements, BTS humbly attribute all the credit to their fans and acknowledge that the ARMY is the powerhouse of their success.

During the backstage interview with Billboard, RM quoted, "we are still trying to figure out what's happening. There were Imagine Dragons, Dan + Shay, there were amazing names, maroon five was in it, and you know. Thank you armies, you did it. you guys did it."

RM wasn't shy to reveal the complete bewilderment and appreciation he seemed to have of the tremendous success his group was reaping.
"We just did a Citi field show, just one show, last year, we made it into a picture, big picture, and framed it and there it is, on our label building, the Citi field, and now this time it’s a rose bowl. you know singing in Korean, in Rose Bowl stadium, we still can’t imagine it. it’s crazy, we’re freaking out"

He didn't forget to mention a quote that would keep fans anticipating for their new show.
"We got some new songs, and of course, new clothes, and new equipments for the show, it’s gonna be stronger."

The interviewer also mentioned BTS's collaboration with Halsey. Seems like their fateful encounter was two years ago, at the BTS's first BBMAs appearance, while BTS was still a new doe-eyed K-pop group stepping foot to the international music scene.

"Now two years ago, at the BBMAs, you met Halsey for the first time, and tonight you’re performing with Halsey, real soon, but who are you looking forward to meeting tonight and trying to do a collaboration with?" the interview asked.

They couldn't have possibly predicted that they would be standing on the same stage with Halsey back then, but here they are.

"We just met Drake. We finally took a picture! we just made it, and j-hope was in In My Feelings, music video for the challenge. we are all fans of drake. and of course, Madonna and Mariah, they’re the legends. Tori Kelly, I know Tori, and of course our friend Coolio, they’re the biggest name in music industry right now," RM said. If their dream of collaborating with these iconic artists comes true, that would be like ARMY's dreams coming true.

When the interviewer asked what's next for BTS, RM gave the best possible answer ever.
"I think we gotta think we achieved more than even what we deserve, thanks to the armies around the world, so we just want to keep it light. I think it feels like we’re on a roller coaster. what we gotta do is enjoy the ride, take a deep breath, and do the best performance and the songs, that’s all we could do." he said. How can one embody so much humility and talent at the same time?

You can watch the full interview here.

By Yeonseung Kim and Bongbong voomvoomk@gmail.com


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