5 Amazing Skills of BLACKPINK's LISA




Photo from Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Photo from Instagram @lalalalisa_m

BLACKPINK's Lisa is the one and only foreign member of BLACKPINK. She has many charms that transcend borders, including a refreshing smile, lively facial expressions, and sexiness.

Of course, this list can go on forever… She has so many talents!

But, Lisa is "greedy". She has so much more than just attractive appearances.

1. Brilliant rap skills

Lisa has excellent talent in rap. While she's the lead rapper of BLACKPINK, her diction and groove are one of a kind, even among the entire rappers of Korean girl groups.

2. Fascinating dance skills

Anybody who sees Lisa's dance will be fascinated for sure. Thanks to her long legs and arms, slim body line, and extraordinary flexibility, whatever move she shows, she stands out.

She also has an ability to copy dance moves after a quick scan. On a recent variety show, she duplicated Red Velvet's choreography with high precision, putting everyone in awe.

3. Amazing language skills

Lisa does not only have great command of Thai and Korean languages, but she's also competent in English and Japanese.

Her fluency goes way over the level of simple communication; she's fluent enough to freely express her emotions in each language.

4. Unrealistic appearance

Lisa's face has features of both West and East's beauty. Big eyes, full lips, sharp nose, small face, long and slim arms and legs, are all the features that make her look like a doll.

5. Pure heart and sociability 

There's a real reason why Lisa is the true 'full package'. It's because of her bubbly and lovable personality.

Through various reality shows, Lisa's unique innocence and brightness were shown, as she built tight bonds with BLACKPINK members. Always having so much tears and affection inside her, people around her cannot help but fall in love with this kindhearted, sweet girl.

By Grace and Soohyoun Nam