BREAKING: Yang Hyun-suk Resigns from YG


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Photo from Ilgan Sports

Photo from Ilgan Sports

Yang Hyun-suk announced today that he will be resigning from his position as CEO at YG Entertainment.

YG has recently been going through many police investigations

Why did Yang Hyun-suk decide to step down?

Several YG artists have gone through drug use and sexual favors allegations for over 10 years, but Yang Hyun-suk has always kept his place.

YG was constantly in the middle of controversy since Park Bom’s drug smuggling controversy in 2010, G-Dragon’s marijuana use in 2011, producer KUSH and YG stylist Yanggaeng’s cocaine use, and also T.O.P’s marijuana use in 2017.

These criminal acts were all merely considered as personal mischief of YG artists until now.

However, Seungri’s scandal as CEO of club Burning Sun which was accused of drug distribution and procuring sexual favors broke out in 2019 and B.I has recently been accused of purchasing and using drugs. Throughout this events, accusations and testimonies of Yang Hyun-suk trying to hide or fabricating their crimes has been raised, which seems to be the reason why Yang Hyun-suk decided to step down from his position as CEO at YG.

The following is his statement.

This is Yang Hyun-suk.
I want to say sorry to all the fans of YG and its artists. I'm also sorry to our staff who is working hard despite of many criticisms towards YG.

I have tried to keep my patience after receiving disgraceful accusations that are hardly speakable. However, I've had enough. I can't let YG, our artists, and our fans to be the victims any longer because of me.

I have spent half of my life for almost 23 years in developing YG. Supporting the best music and the best artists were my biggest happiness and it was my only ability to offer fans and society.

Currently, at YG there are many skilled and sensible experts who are better than I am. My resignation would be a chance for them to exhibit their abilities. I sincerely hope that YG will find back its place as soon as possible.

Lastly, I believe that the whole truth of the current press reports and rumors will be revealed through future investigations. Thank you.

Recently several YG artists underwent police investigations for drug allegations and procuring sexual favors.

By Flora Lee and Bongbong


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