The Compilation of BTS' Third Album Track Lyrics That Conveys Fears and Anxiousness


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Photo from Online Community

Photo from Online Community

I erase myself and try to be your doll

I mold a pretty lie for you


You don't need to be!

It's been said that BTS' 3rd full album LOVE YOURSELF: Tear released on May 18 exposed their thoughts on popularity and fear of the future.

While it is understandable that pressures and responsibilities naturally follow public spotlights, one of the ARMYs claimed: "I can feel the fear that I haven't noticed in former albums".

So these are the compilation of lyrics from LOVE YOURSELF: Tear that conveys anxiousness.

Undelivered Truth  

I can't show you how shabby I am
I wear a mask and go to meet you
But I still want you

Being so afraid is miserable
I'm so afraid
Will you leave me too, in the end?
I put on my mask and go to meet you

Magis Shop 

I always wanted to be the best
So I was impatient, I was anxious all the time
Comparing myself to others was my every day
The greed once was my weapon
Choked me instead and became my leash


To be honest, I'm scared of falling and turning you down
But even if it takes up all my strength
I'll make sure to stay by your side


I don't have a dream
It's sometimes scary to dream
I just don't think it's easy to live like this
To survive this is a small dream for me

Photo from BigHit Ent.

Photo from BigHit Ent.

ARMYs can come and go whenever they want. If they have to leave or want to leave, it is okay to leave us. But remember this. I will always remain in this place." (JUNGKOOK)   

Photo from BigHit Ent.

Photo from BigHit Ent.

"I take courage from the fact that ARMYs fly together with us. I am afraid of the plane crashing, but I do not worry about landing. Thanks for taking the path together with us. I always thank you and love you." (SUGA)

Twitter @BTS_twt

Twitter @BTS_twt

But BTS always have ARMYs by the side. They are the "Magic shop" for BTS.

By Gothesun and Jaeyeon Ryu


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