How BTS Was Mocked in a Colombian TV Show…Shocked Fans Demand Apology



Racist taunts directed at Bangtan Boys (BTS) from a Colombian TV personality have caused yet another racism controversy, after Edwin Cardona of the Colombia national football team made a 'racist' gesture towards South Korean players during a friendly match.

On November 12, an episode from the Colombia TV show Día a Día where the host made the slant-eye racist gesture while presenting BTS' new single, DNA, took the internet by storm.

This is simply unacceptable.

BTS fans were outraged and many voiced disgust.

The Colombian TV show host was apparently doing the racist gesture throughout the BTS' entire song.

At the outbreak of the controversy over the racist behavior broadcast on Colombian TV, the BTS fans in Colombia expressed regret and said that they "would try [their] best to put an end to the racist attitude towards Asians in [their] country."

While criticisms are ensuing, the TV show host who exhibited racist behavior or the network has yet to apologize for the appalling misconduct.

The Colombian midfielder Cardona who plays for Boca Juniors of Argentina insulted the South Korean players early in the second half of the game on November 10. South Korea's victory was largely overshadowed by the controversial fallout.

As the public censure persisted, Cardona posted an apology on Colombia national football team's official Twitter account on November 11, remarking that "I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone, any country or race but if anyone felt offended or interpreted [my action] in an offensive way, I am sorry." The Colombian Football Association also sent a letter of apology to the Korea Football Association.

On the Colombian pop music program called La Kalle, the hosts shamelessly brandished racist gestures and remarks after the controversy which arose from the football match. The two hosts seemed to mock and belittle the racist row.

The uproar from football and K-Pop fans will likely continue due to the absence of a proper apology.

By Gothesun and Arin Kim