북한주재 스웨덴 대사 전화 인터뷰 내용 [원문]




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Beijing(Correspondent of JoongAng Ilbo): hello! Good afternoon. Can I speak to Mr Poer? Ambassador ?

Pyongyang(Swedish Ambassador to North Korea): yes, who is speaking?

Beijing: I am calling from Beijing . how about Yuna Li and Rora Ling?, are they healthy?

Pyongyang: well, you know, I work this issue from professionalism, I am really not allowed to talk about too much about my impression.

Beijing: I understand your situation , I have a few questions. How are the journalists? Are they healthy?

Pyongyang: As I said I don’t think that I should really talk about this…

Beijing: I know your situation . Second question: How is the result of the trial?

Pyongyang: well, we don’t have that information right now.

Beijing: ok, Is it final court for them?

Pyongyang: I can’t really ,I am very sorry, I appreciate it, I understand that you want to query it. Are you journalist?

Beijing: I am a friend of them, I am KOREAN.

Pyongyang: I see,

Beijing: thank you. I have any question, we want to know North Korean government informed US government result of their trial?

Pyongyang: So far there is no result.

Beijing: No result. Is there any possibility that Al Gore former US vice president, will enter North Korea ?

Pyongyang: All right, I can’t answer that questions.

Beijing: Is there any possibility that NK may deport the US journalist from the country quickly ?

Pyongyang: no, I can’t answer, I am very sorry.

Beijing :Next question: One south Korean is detained in city of Kyeseong. we had some rumor that he was moved to Pyongyang.
Is it possible that he will stand for trial like US journalists ?

Pyongyang: I don’t know, I am sorry, I have no information about it, I have no information what’s so ever

Beijing: What is your expectation about this case?

Pyongyang: I don’t want to talk about this, I am very sorry

Beijing: Last question. Yuna Li and Rora Ling.Are they health now

Pyongyang: I am sorry, I can’t talk questions about this. I apologize

Beijing: Do you have contacts with US ?

Pyongyang: We are acting as third party with US, we have contacted with the State Department( of US)

Beijing: Can you tell me some news about the case?

Pyongyang: I am very sorry, I can’t talk questions about the case. I apologize.What is your name?

Beijing:Iam Chang. I want to know situation of journalists.

Pyongyang: sorry, Mr Chang, I appreciate it, but since this is my work which is privately abutted it. Thank you so.

Beijing: Thank you Mr Ambassador.Byebye!