AB6IX Features In LIZZO's Billboard No.1 Hit Song 'Truth Hurts'


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Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

Rookie group AB6IX has featured in American pop star Lizzo's Truth Hurts.

What an unexpected collab!

AB6IX is a 5 member-ed male rookie group from Brand New Music who debuted in 2019. Members include former Wanna One members Lee Dae-hwi and Park Woo-jin, and also Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun who also appeared in Produce 101 S2, and also Jeon Woong.

Lizzo is an American pop star who's song Truth Hurts has climbed its way up to no.1 in the Billboard charts, and she teamed up with AB6IX and released a remix version of Truth Hurts.

AB6IX changed the English lyrics into their own version in Korean. Listen how their voices match perfectly! Lizzo's powerful vocals and AB6IX's soft voice harmonizes so well!

What do you think of this unexpected collab? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

By Flora Lee and Bongbong voomvoomk@gmail.com

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