RM Donates ₩100M To Hearing-Impaired Students


입력 2019.09.20 11:39

News 1

News 1

BTS' leader RM donated 100 million KRW to students with hearing problems.

He donated on his birthday to help the students' music education

Seoul Samsung School of Deaf told that RM donated 100 million won to hearing-impaired students on his birthday, September 12th, to help them with their music education.

The school spoke "RM has donated to the school saying that he wished students who have hearing problems can enjoy music in various ways. The money will be used in teaching music to the students and expanding activities to participate in art performances."

Seoul Samsung School of Deaf is a school for deaf students of which 120 students are currently attending. Principal Shin Rae-beom showed gratitude towards RM and said "We thank RM's interest and support in music education for the students. We will support the students to learn joy from music and gain confidence."

What a considerate thing to do!

By Flora Lee and Bongbong voomvoomk@gmail.com

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