BREAKING: BigHit Denies JK Dating Rumors And Will Take Legal Action


입력 2019.09.17 11:03

업데이트 2019.09.17 11:36

Photo from Ilgan Sports

Photo from Ilgan Sports

BigHit has denied BTS member Jungkook's dating rumors and said that they will take legal action against leakage of CCTV footage.

CCTV footage of Jungkook had been leaked and shared throughout the Internet

BigHit Entertainment gave an official statement today September 17th and said "BigHit Entertainment clearly states that the rumors spread throughout various social media platforms and online communities regarding our artist Jungkook is not true at all".

"Member Jungkook has visited Geoje island during his vacation and found at that his tattooist acquaintances were also in Geoje island. Therefore he had a meal together with them and went to Karaoke. This is the truth and it has been distorted.

It is unfortunate that our artist's daily life has been reported distortedly during his hiatus.

We will look into CCTV leakage and illegal filming and take strong legal actions against personal information disclosure and privacy invasions. Also, spread of false rumors will be taken legal measures with no exception."

By Flora Lee and Bongbong

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