SPOILER ALERT! BAEKHYUN Revealed The 1st Verse Of His Title Track!! But What Is He Saying..?


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Photo from Youtube Screenshot

Photo from Youtube Screenshot

Just 5 days before Baekhyun's official solo debut, he revealed the first verse of the title track of his first album. He gave us a little taste of what the song, UN Village, is going to be like and fans are already going nuts over it!

What do you think Baekhyun is trying to say through these elusive lyrics?

The song is unbelievably good! Before I say anymore, just listen to it! It'll be like nothing you've ever heard before!

I know right?! It's a complete new sound with a fresh new beat. But the beats aren't the only thing new to the listener's ears. The lyrics are also what got fans puzzled.
Below are the lyrics to the song:

"Set the navigation to Dokseodang children's park and accelerate
Everybody's going to want to go to that place where I only knew
Wherever I am, getting anywhere anywhere
I can see it
Girl, you need a better
It's already the time to need romance."

It is still not completely clear what Baekhyun is trying to say through the song, but other articles have hinted that it's going to be a love song. What do you think all this means?
EXO-Ls hold onto your hats for just a few more days! Just 5 more days until we hear the full song!

By Yeonseung Kim and Bongbong voomvoomk@gmail.com

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