This Is Not A Drill! I.O.I Is Re-Uniting! Wait.. But Without...?


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Photo from Youtube Screenshot

Photo from Youtube Screenshot

I.O.I is re-uniting! And this is the real deal!

Two of the former I.O.I Members won't be joining the re-union:( Why?

Up until now, the news of I.O.I reuniting was only baseless talk. After I.O.I's disbandment in 2017, members went back to their respective positions and built their own separate careers with little mention of the future of I.O.I. But loyal fans didn't lose faith in the fact that someday I.O.I will re-unite, and now it seems like their unwavering hope is finally paying off!

Studio Blu, I.O.I's new management company, just announced through its official SNS pages that I.O.I is re-uniting by October of 2019.

Although many fans were ecstatic by this news, they couldn't hide disappointment by the fact that I.O.I's former leader Jeon So-mi and Yoo Yeon-jung won't be joining the group. Both members have not officially stated their reasons for their future absence in I.O.I. But It can be speculated that Somi won't be joining the group because So-mi will have difficulty in juggling her newly launched solo career with I.O.I. And as for Yoo Yeon-jung, as one of the most popular members of the highly active group Cosmic girls, she might also find it difficult to find the time to participate in I.O.I's reunion.

This is what Studio Blu wrote in its Instagram post:

"Hello. It's Studio Blu.
We want to let you know that I.O.I is re-uniting after their last official stage in January of 2017.

Hello? It's I.O.I

In our last concert, we promised to meet again. Just as much as you hoped for our re-union we hoped for it too in the back of our minds, while we were doing our best in each of our position.

And in October 2019, members Kim Se-jeong, Choi Yoo-jung, Chungha, Kim So-hye, Joo Kyulkyung, Jung Chae-yeon, Kang Mina, and Lim Na-young will be standing in front of you all, a little earlier than planned, under a united name called I.O.I.

We hoped to meet our fans who waited for us with unwavering patience as quickly as possible. Although Jeon So-mi and Yoo Yeon-jung cannot be with us this moment, they'll be sending their support from close.

We will now be communicating our preparing process and schedules with our fans. Once again, we want to tell you how happy we are to deliver this news to our waiting fans and how thankful we are."

October 2019 It is! Look out! I.O.I is coming back!

By Yeonseung Kim and Bongbong

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