BTS's New Fan Community 'BTS Weverse' Open Now!


입력 2019.07.01 13:36

업데이트 2019.07.01 16:25

Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

BTS's new official fan community, BTS Weverse has officially opened!

Check out what JIN already posted today!

Weverse is an entertainment platform released by BigHit's subsidiary company beNX where global fans can gather to communicate with their idols more intimately.

BigHit said, "BTS Weverse is an official fan community where ARMYs can communicate with BTS and many contents will be uploaded here".

BTS has already been communicating with fans actively through social media such as official fan cafe, Twitter and Weibo. This new community is already bringing up much expectation from ARMYs for new contents.

JIN already uploaded a short comment on Weverse and said, "Wow..this is new".

TXT and BTS are currently the only artists to have a Weverse page, but more artists are coming soon! Which artist do you want to meet from Weverse?

By Flora Lee and Bongbong

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