Top 5 Male Idol Fancams With the Most Views on YouTube


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Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

It's natural to want to watch your bias dancing on stage in every possible angle. Thankfully there are blessed fans who capture the amazing performances with their high quality cameras more often known as 'daepo' (which actually means canon because of the appearance of the huge lenses). Here are 5 fancams that has the highest views on YouTube. Can you already guess who's in the top 5?

Can you guess which idol is in No.1?

1. JIMIN - Perfect Man

No.1 goes to our very own JIMIN from BTS! BTS performed SHINHWA's Perfect Man on the last day of 2015 during MBC Music Festival, and this legendary fancam of JIMIN has over 6,670,000 views. Many commented on how this 2 and a half minute long video changed their life forever and that they come to watch this video on a daily basis. No wonder he got the nickname 'the orange haired guy' after the performance!

2. JIMIN - Boy With Luv

It's JIMIN once again with their latest title song Boy With Luv with Halsey in the BBMAs. What's especially impressive about this video is that it's only been just under a month since it was uploaded and it already has over 6 million views. Bright pink hair with his personal styling with the pink sunglasses is more than enough to seize everyone's attention.

3. JUNGKOOK - Sorry Sorry

This video of JUNGKOOK's dry rehearsal for SUPER JUNIOR's Sorry Sorry currently has over 5 million and 700 thousand views on YouTube. See how effortlessly yet flawlessly he does the choreography?

4. JB - Who's Your Mama? 

JB from GOT7 ranked fourth place with his performance of JYP's Who's Your Mama where he danced a cute couple dance with YOOJOO from GFRIEND. Notice how careful JB acts around his dance partner but at the same time making many different facial expressions. A true idol indeed!

5. JIMIN - No More Dream

Jimin makes his third appearance on the top 5 list with his performance of their debut song No More Dream in their Nanjing concert back in 2016. Just watching the whole performance makes you out of breath. His stamina is truly amazing!

By Flora Lee and Bongbong

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