MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA on the Billboard Top 10 for 3 Weeks Straight!


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Image from Etonline

Image from Etonline

These days, it’s harder to find a music chart that doesn’t have the three iconic letters, B,T,S, in it. BTS set another record by managing to list their album in the Billboard main top 10 chart for 3 weeks straight.

BTS on the Billboard 200 for a total of 35 weeks!!

According to the newest charts on the 7th, BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA climbed its way to 7th place on the billboard 200. This album was first listed on the charts on April 27th and firmly kept its place as one of the Top 10 for three weeks in a row.

The title track Boy with Luv feat. Halsey has also secured its its rank as 40th on the Hot 100.

BTS’s albums seem to be plastered in every chart all over the world. BTS came in 2nd in the artist 100 chart, 1st on the World Album, 2nd in the independent album, 5th in the Top album sales, 6th in the German albums, 7th in the Billboard Canadian Album, 12th in the Tastemaker album, 14th in the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, 22nd in Pop Songs, 29th in streaming songs, 43rd in On demand streaming songs, and 49th in the Digital Song sales.

It’s also their 125th time on the Social 50 charts and 95th week as no.1.
Considering the album released last August, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer, still seem to have no intention of budging from the Billboard 200 charts and is listed as the 109th album, BTS has been on the charts a total of 35 weeks straight. Another amazing new record from BTS!

By Yeonseung Kim and Bongbong

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