Moments Of BLACKPINK JENNIE And LISA Being Good Friends And Sisters



Photo from YG Life and online community

Photo from YG Life and online community

As some of you guys may know, Jennie and Lisa are close friends.
As a matter of fact, it's pretty obvious if you are a BLINK.

JenLisa all the way!

A few days ago at 2018 Melon Music Awards, some of those footages of Jennie and Lisa being cute together were captured on camera.

This first clip was taken during the GFRIEND's performance.
There was a part in the performance where a firecracker went off.

As soon as the unexpected startling sound was heard, Jennie, who didn't clearly see that coming, was frightened. People who were around her were all taken aback as well, but Jennie seems to be more stunned than anybody else in the place.

Lisa, who is seated right next to Jennie calms her down by patting her back and her arm. Soon, Jennie regains her composure thanks to Lisa.

Also, when BLACKPINK was called for an award, another Jennie X Lisa moment was caught on camera.

At first, Jennie was a few steps ahead of Lisa. But then Lisa started walking a bit faster to catch up with Jennie. When they re-appeared on the screen, they were keeping pace with each other while holding each other's hands, making viewers smile.

This short moment where Jennie and Lisa exchange a finger heart on stage while performing As if it's your last is another proof that they truly like each other.

Sometimes, they are like friends. But sometimes, they are like sisters as well.

Smile-arousing moments like these should be captured even more to be shared so that more people get to know how cute and lovely they are together!

By Bongbong and Jay Yoo