'SEHUN's Heart for EXO-L♥' Caught in an Interview Video


입력 2018.06.19 18:07

Photo from Youtube

Photo from Youtube

He's so precious♥

EXO Sehun's cute behavior was spotted.

EXO held EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn - in HONG KONG at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena from June 2 to 3.

Ahead of the performance this day, EXO members did a short interview in which they answered for simple questions in 30 seconds.

Each member's interview was released through !t Live, the multi live broadcast channel of SM Entertainment.

Among the videos, a tiny bit of scene was caught on the right corner of Suho's interview video.

At about 22 seconds of the video, Sehun arranges some papers on a table.

These papers were placards that were to be used for an event EXO prepared for EXO-L that came to the concert. On these placards, various phrases expressing EXO's love for EXO-L, such as 'EXO is Forever Eri's Pick', 'Because It's Love from EXO♡' were printed.

Fans who caught Sehun preciously organizing papers for EXO-L are showing responses that he is so adorable.

By Goldbin and Soohyoun Nam voomvoomk@gmail.com


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