Former Idol Member Reveals a Veiled Story on the Question "How Do Idols Date?"



Photo from MBC

Photo from MBC

Some might get curious about how romance takes place amongst idol members. The veiled area, idol world, is getting revealed with former MADTOWN Member Song Jae Ho (H.O.).

Gas pipe, seriously…?

1. TV programs such as music programs, and Idol Star Athletics Championship

Idols have no choice but to run into each other in music programs. A TV program Idol Star Athletics Championship allows idols to stay in a venue for all day long, and idols say they easily get attracted to the others when they gather in one place for a long time. Programs like these actually are a "meeting place". There must be an opportunity for them to meet each other in order to get interested, isn't it?

2. Surf the net on the person that you like

Idols have information flooding on online sites. If you began to feel attracted to somebody, you should start absorbing information. It's quite similar to a process of an individual becoming a fan. You start searching his/her names, listen to their songs, watch their performances, and contact them at last.

3. There are various means of communication

Under different circumstances, some idol members might not have a phone. But Song said "That isn't a problem. There are many ways to reach them. We can either use SNS or get help from third hand. Getting the contact information isn't a big deal.

4. They are the same!

When you get a way to contact him/her, you should start expressing. For example, if you say "I wanted to say hello", he/she will turn you down if they don't want to keep the conversation ongoing. But if he/she also has a feeling for you, the answer must be positive, maybe like "Should we grab a coffee next week?" And that's how things go, nothing different from the others right?

5. Ways to escape from the house

One thing that differs is that idols live in a dorm with their members. When idols begin dating someone while living with members, getting out of the house already is another challenge. Song said "Someone told me they came out of the window or climbed down the gas pipe. It was the same when I talked to the members of other groups."

By Grace and Jaeyeon Ryu