"Men who wear makeup make me sick" K-pop Idol Stylist's Comments Cause Controversy


입력 2018.03.28 18:34

Photo from PIXabay(left) YONHAP NEWS(right)

Photo from PIXabay(left) YONHAP NEWS(right)

A K-pop boy group's stylist is under fire for controversial comments made online.

"It would be easier for you to understand if your boyfriend was wearing makeup like a woman."

The post in question was uploaded on the stylist's Instagram account.

On an Instagram story - which disappears after 24 hours - the stylist wrote "Is makeup a thing among guys these days? It makes me want to puke."

Netizens pointed out that such remarks degrading men wearing makeup were inappropriate.

As the comment spread, the stylist wrote an explanatory post on Instagram, saying that the comment was not directed at idols.

The post went "I'm under fire for what I posted on my Instagram story but the said post is now gone" and "The day I uploaded the controversial post I saw four men wearing makeup outside. I wasn't talking about idols."

The post further read "It would be easier for you to understand if your boyfriend or your lover, husband were to wear beautiful makeup 'like a woman.' I respect freedom of speech and I'm not against homosexuality but normally I don't like guys wearing heavy makeup."

By Goldbin and Suwon Han voomvoomk@gmail.com


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