A Song JONGHYUN Wrote to Cope with His Lonely Heart



Jonghyun of SHINee is no longer among us - but there is a song that the 27-year-old star said he had written for himself which allows us to look into his heart: a song titled "Elevator" released in October 2015.

"I hope knowing that I feel the same makes you feel better."

"Elevator" tells the story of a person who is unable to get hold of the state of his own mind. "I got out of a bad slump while writing this song," Jonghyun said, explaining that it is "a song that is dear to my heart."

ⓒ Mnet

ⓒ Mnet

On the radio show Blue Night, of which Jonghyun was the host, he told the story behind "Elevator": "I got into the elevator of my building one day after a long day at work, and I saw myself so disheveled and exhausted in the mirrors inside the elevator. I thought to myself, what am I doing all this for? That's how I started writing this song."

Lyrics to "Elevator"

Let's have a heart-to-heart
Don't hide away from me, please
When the elevator doors close
I stand here looking so exhausted
Why do I still blink and breathe and live?
Am I doing this for myself? Or am I running from something?
Hello, hello, say hi
Say hello to my ashen reflection
Let's have a heart-to-heart
Please don't hide away from me, don't hide it
Since when have you been crying?
Do you know what face you are wearing right now?
I think I know all the petty stories in the world
But I don't know anything about you, with whom I've shared my breath my whole life
I don't know, don't know who you are
Speak your heart out
I can tell you're very lonely
Tell me some more
You know you can't take it anymore
Since when have you been all by yourself?
I can't even look into my eyes in the mirror
I can't, I can't

"I wrote this as a letter to myself," said Jonghyun at a concert that was held the same year, adding that "if there is anybody out there who is exhausted from life, I hope knowing that I feel the same makes you feel better."

By Goldbin and Arin Kim