"Is Dara a failure?" Dara in the Aftermaths of 2NE1 Disbandment


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Dara(Sandara Park) told her fans about the criticism she had to endure after 2NE1's disbandment.

"Why isn't she working?" Dara explains her whereabouts after 2NE1 disbands

2NE1, of which Dara was a member, disbanded last year, shocking fans who weren't expecting the news.

Dara, after the disbandment, is up to her neck in work, appearing on a number of TV programs such as 'Get It Beauty.' Frequently uploaded Instagram posts of her on vacation, however, seem to have given the impression that she rarely dabbles in the entertainment industry. However, she's actually busier than she was before, given the start of her recent career as a Youtube creator.

Dara, on the 9th, uploaded a video clip on 'DARA TV,' her very own Youtube channel. In the video, she confessed something she had been withholding, something that "she had to mention."

She said that "I'm doing things that I've never done before as a kid or as a member of 2NE1. I'm over my head with all sorts of stuff. But I don't really show off my work, and maybe that's why people keep asking me 'Why aren't you doing anything?' 'Are you out of work?'"

She also explained that "You put a lot of effort into a movie, sometimes as long as a year. The end result people see, however, is a mere two-hour video. So is a web drama. You work for a week, but viewers see only a 60-minute clip. You work yourself to the bone, but all the public sees is only a small part of your efforts."

She added "You work overseas, but people back in Korea don't know that. Even the people closest to me say 'On another trip! You must really be enjoying your life,' sharing her griefs with her fans.

She finished off with "Well, how much can you really know about me," ending the video with her breezy attitude, but the stress she had to endure seeped out.

Fans are leaving words of consolation saying that "they are outraged at the people who refer to Dara as being out of work," and that they "have got Dara's back and are always here for her."

By Goldbin and Suwon Han voomvoomk@gmail.com


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